What broke now?

Well the lessons just keep on coming.  I can’t completely say for sure what the lesson is here except that if something in an RV is glass it WILL break.  The funny part is that sometimes things happen when you least expect them.  We pulled into a spot of Plomosa Rd in Quartzsite after a very smooth ride from an RV park in Salome AZ (more on that in the campground section) and as we were setting up we found this in the bathroom. dsc00550webNow we knew the doors were latched when we left because we both checked it.  We had gone over much bumpier roads in Flagstaff and they were fine. When you travel you start to take these things in stride. If you didn’t you would drive yourself crazy. Sooo now my new task for today will be to remove the remaining doors and go get ourselves a nice shower curtain. I was never really all that fond of the doors anyway since cleaning out those channels is a pain.


If you are like me you will find a way to smash your head into anything possible when you live in an RV.  I have banged my head so many times that Olga and I have started joking that I’m going to have to get a construction hard hat and just wear it all the time. Personally I would prefer a football helmet but either one would look just as goofy if you were wearing it around. My solution was to go to Home Depot and get some of this stuff. dsc00549webI’ve started installing it in some of the most head banging places around the RV.  Time will tell if they save my dome or if my dome just finds new and interesting places to whack itself.  Assuming it works the stuff is relatively cheap and available in pretty much any hardware store. It’s used as insulation to keep your pipes from freezing.  I’ll let you know how it works out.  I’m searching for a way to do it on the cargo bay door frames and still let them close.  If anybody has approached that issue I’d like to know how you do it.

Our First True Boondocking Experience !

We had our  first “real” boondocking experience in Flagstaff.  We had stayed on a piece of BLM land in New Mexico that was almost on top of an Interstate.  Having been tent campers previously we had a hard time considering this boondocking. And for the record we don’t consider staying in a Walmart parking lot to be boondocking either. By definition: Rough or isolated country

Photo from our campsite.  You can’t beat waking up to this!


We got here late in the afternoon and ended up going down a VERY gnarly Forest Service road.  The good news was the truck and the RV performed marvelously.  No broken axel, no flat tires.  We had to make a very tight Uturn and head back down the road a little bit.

Unfortunately I did not perform as marvelously.  Somewhere along that road we took a tree limb to the rear window and smashed it into a million pieces.  Right now it is a temporary Plexiglas window until we can get it replaced. Anolther lesson learned

It ended up being a very nice spot but two days after our arrival the temps dropped and they were expecting temps in the teens overnight.  Not good for holding tanks.  So sadly we had to pack up and leave for warmer climates.  We will be coming back next Spring or Summer to take advantage of this beautiful place. If you are in the area just look for A1 Forest Road.

On the road to find out

Our new way of living started long before we ever hit the road. Ever since we had gotten married we talked about wanting to go and see America. It’s a beautiful place and we wanted to go see it.  We also knew that we were unfulfilled  and unhappy in our various jobs.  And that is exactly what they were. Jobs. Something you did because you had to keep a roof over your head, pay the bills, keep yourself warm and fed. There are a ton of people out there who do just what we were doing. There are the lucky few who truly love what they do and I’m happy and a bit jealous of them. It must be a wonderful thing.


But all of our lives boil down to the choices we make.  There was nobody to blame for our existence but ourselves.  But that is the key.  It’s a choice. We decided to make another choice. Hopefully through this site we can show that it is possible to make another choice and improve your life. AND do it on a small budget.  We don’t have a lot of money. What we will do is possible for most if not all folks to do if that is your dream.