The Wave Continues

The list of nations viewing our blog has increased once again! We would like to welcome Canada, home of hockey, snow, moose, Gord Downie, Rush and Mounties. Having lived just a few miles from Canada for half my life I know these things. We have now captured most of North America!

Also we would like to welcome Sint Maarten. No not Saint Martins. This was news to me but apparently the island is split between the French portion – Saint Martin and the Dutch portion – Sint Maarten. We had five views from Sint Maarten which I believe is roughly 2.7 times the entire population of the island. Such overwhelming support cannot be overstated, or understated, I’m not sure which. But it doesn’t matter. The wave continues to sweep the world and we love it all. If there is such a thing as a refugee from Sint Maarten we would welcome them in our campsite any time.

God Save The Queen

The surge of support continues to roll across Europe as the United Kingdom now jumps on board as the latest nation to throw it’s full support behind this blog!

I am truly humbled that one person er I mean the entire nation of Great Britain has now fully embraced what will no doubt continue to be a world wide sensation in the months and years to come. We expect that this year we will double the $2.33 that we made last year as an Amazon affiliate. It’s enough to make a grown man cry, or laugh.

Thank you Britain and welcome!

Betty to the rescue

I may have neglected to mention previously that we name our stuff. Our RV is named Firefly and our truck is named Betty. If you are a geek or old you should be able to figure out the reason for at least one of these names. We got Betty because we wanted to make sure we had plenty of power if the need ever arose. Betty can pull a loaded Firefly up a 7% grade at 65 without even breaking a sweat. Thank god because I would kind of freak out if my truck actually started sweating. Anyway today she really got the opportunity to show her stuff. We are staying at the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge in Cibola AZ. Not actually IN the refuge because you can’t do that, but across the road is a piece of BLM land. Not that you would ever know because like much BLM land it is totally unmarked. Kind of like the old Vermonter once told us when we asked about road signs or lack thereof in the area we were searching for a road, “Well they probably figure if you don’t know where you’re going you shouldn’t be there”. That’s sort of a kin to my personal favorite “Turn left at the rock that looks like a bear and right at the bear that looks like a rock”.
But I digress. I had just decided to take a nap and was reading a book when I heard Olga talking to someone. There are not many neighbors on this land. I think about 4 besides us. One of them had gotten his 40′ class A diesel pusher stuck on a dip part way up the road and asked if he could get a pull. Happy to have Betty show her stuff I went out and we hooked my beast to his beast. Much to both of our joy, Betty pulled him out in no time. Chalk one up for the karma bank and gave Betty a pat on the rear……bumper. 🙂

Welcome To Brazil!

Well the inevitable has happened again. welcomes a new member to it’s nations of fans. The wave of support has now made it’s way across the globe to South America. We would like to give our thanks to Brazil and it’s wax industry for their overwhelming support of this blog. All 1 person in Brazil has now visited the blog. We will not stop until every last school child, grandma and traveler from Ouagoudou Burkina Faso to Needles California knows our name. People get ready, there’s a train a comin!

Hi Jolly !

If you ever go to the Quartzsite area of Arizona you will see many depictions of camels. Not that camels are native to this country at all. In the past I had seen the words Hi Jolly, but I never knew what it meant. Well these two things came together for me when I saw the sign for the Hi Jolly monument and went to check it out. It ends up that in the late 1850’s Jefferson Davis who was the secretary of war and would later become the president of the confederacy decided to let the army try using camels for communications and carrying freight in the desert southwest, because what could possibly be faster for communications than the Pony Express but a…..camel?

 Hi and his wife.

Anyway they went to the middle east and got some camels. With the camels came a caretaker. He was a Syrian of Greek descent. His Greek name was Philip Tedro. In Syria he also went by the name Haji Ali. The US soldiers that worked with him had a hard time pronouncing Haji Ali and so they went with, you guessed it, Hi Jolly. Unfortunately for Hi, the civil war interrupted this experiment and the whole thing was dropped. Hi spent the rest of his life in and around Quartzsite mining, scouting and selling water.

The camels were released in to the wild to fend for themselves. Some have said they can still spot a camel in the desert, a descendent of the original camels. I kind of doubt this. It sounds like the story of Champ, the monster that haunts the depths of Lake Champlain. But much like the Abominable Snow Man or Bigfoot, nobody in this age of cameras capable of such granular focus can get a picture that doesn’t looks like it was taken with a box camera in 1920. His monument stands to this day in the Quartzsite cemetery. So if you are ever in this neck of the woods stop by and say hi to Hi.

The Quartzsite Show Experience

Been there, done that. Yesterday we decided to hit the big tent for the RV show in Quartzsite on our way back from doing the laundry because it looked like there was parking as opposed to the first day where people were parking on the road (and getting tickets). I’d be lying if I said that we were anything other than underwhelmed. We expected the RV show to be all about…well….RV’s. Alas this was not to be. I would be very surprised if even 50% of the booths had anything at all to do with RVing. There was jewelry, hand creams, 20th century snake oils of various types, wind up barking dogs, giant sandwiches made of macaroni and cheese, hot tubs (which of course 90% of all RVs have), nuclear powered TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units for those with bad backs, classes for getting your concealed carry permit, and a plethora of other non RV related items. Of course there were a ton of RV’s outside that you could roam through as well so there was at least that much RV related stuff.
For me the real bonus was the barkers. Nothing beats someone screaming in your ear as you walk past, or as one guy did, zapping something that sounded like a stun gun but I think was actually supposed to be for joint pain. If you can’t tell I don’t like barkers. I know they are just doing their job. Their annoyance factor for me lands between telephone solicitors and car salesman. My buying philosophy is different from most people. By the time I get ready to buy something that is costly I’ve researched the bejeeburs out of it already. Most of the time I know more than the salesman. That’s how I roll. I’m sure not going to buy a $3,000 mattress because some guy yelling at me told me I need it. In fact I’d go out of my way NOT to buy anything from somebody like that. Not only doesn’t the hard sell work on me, it actually has the reverse affect.
It wasn’t all bad. The nearby side streets had a lot of different types of vendors with things like tools that I could spend a ton of time wandering through. My big purchase for the whole week was a fly swatter. We had a couple of times where we wished we had had one and I just happened to see it. Whoopee!
Anyway now that the big time is done we will be heading to Joshua Tree National Park in California. I just read yesterday that the San Andreas fault runs right through it. Great. With my luck my next post will most likely be from the core of the earth.

Updates to Our Rig page

Since I have yet to figure out how to make WordPress send out notifications for page updates or new pages I’ll just send out a post from time to time to accomplish this. I wanted to let folks know that there are several new updates to the Our Rig page. I’ll be doing these as we change or update things on the rig

Thank you Australia and France!!!!

I would like to take a moment to thank the nations of Australia and France for their support of our blog, or at least one lone individual in each of those countries. While checking my statistics I was surprised to see that we had visitors from both of those countries. Australia I could understand, it was probably someone who typed in gone walkabout seeking to find out more about the aboriginal Australian concept and just had to find out what an American could possibly have to add.  Well nothing really, other than to say that since I first heard of it while watching Crocodile Dundee I was very much a fan of it. And yes I do know that Crocodile Dundee does not represent all Australians. Nevertheless I will continue to view this as overwhelming support of the great nation of Australia.

As for the visitor from France, I have no earthly idea how they stumbled across our site. I can only imagine that the surge of support and recognition from Australia has begun to sweep across the world to Europe and France was only the first of an inevitable wave of European enthusiasm that will open it’s arms to this inconsequential little blog concerning our RV life. To which I can only say BON!!!!!