Good Plan Gone Awry Part 1

After we left Joshua Tree we headed to Quartzsite…again. Olga loves the place and feels comfortable there. I’m ready to move on. Unfortunately it’s still Winter in much of the west so we had to kill some time before heading to Montana. So we decided to kill a couple of weeks in Quartzsite….again. The weather very quickly became unbearable. It was in the 90’s outside and even hotter inside the RV. We were burning through gas using the AC off of the generator and even Olga had to admit it was no longer really comfortable. We are from Vermont after all and melt in anything over 80. We eyed Flagstaff again where we were in November last year. There are several other pieces of Forest Service land there where you can camp so we figured we would try one of them.

People who do this lifestyle will tell you that they often use places like Campendium to find places to stay. These sites are great but has one small flaw in my book. People will often tell you how pretty a place is, how close to amenities, road noise, you name it. What often happens though is you really don’t have a good idea how much room there is for actual campers. Some places like Plomosa Rd in Quartzsite has limitless places to go and park your RV. Others have VERY few.

So we left Quartzsite and decided to take a different route this time. Rather than going to Phoenix and heading due north we took Route 89 which would take us through Congress and Prescott which we have never seen. Off we go on what for the first third was a very pleasant ride through the desert which is very green this year due to all the rain we bought with us from Vermont which usually has more than enough to go around. Anyway, we were riding along, tunes playing, sun shining and loving life. Then we got to a part in the road where it looked like it may get smaller. We pulled over and looked to see who else was going up there. Finally we saw a 5th wheel about our size go up and we said – or to be fair I said “well if they can do it so can we”. I’ll take a moment here to explain that I have a wife who is not at all fond of steep climbing roads with switchbacks and hairpin turns. I think she is 100% convinced that we will go sailing off the cliff a la Wyle E Coyote at every turn making a spectacular exploding fireball at the bottom. I on the other hand am far more practical in these situations. I doubt very much that there is more than a 27% chance of disaster. Combine that with extreme tiredness and it adds up to a chance in my mind that I am willing to take.

So off we went headed up the road. There was a sign saying no trailers over 40 feet. Ours is only 34 so I figure we are good to go. In my defense we DID make it because I’m here writing this and we are alive to the best of my knowledge. I have to admit that this was a doozy. There were quite a few places to pull out of the road if need be. Interestingly many of them held trucks with 5th wheels just like ours. But I have tremendous faith in Betty and we did it non-stop. Olga white knuckling it the whole 25 miles or so and hugging Eva so hard that now poor Eva is permanently bug eyed.