Let’s Go Get Un-Stoned

I apologize for not posting for a while. For those who asked here is the deal. My gall bladder stones continue to be an issue. I’ll need to have to have surgery to rid myself of this problem forever. The issue is that my current insurance will only cover the surgery if I go back to Vermont. Unfortunately I would have to have appointments with my regular doctor, consultation with a surgeon and then schedule and have the surgery, which could take a month or more. I would need to go by myself to save money and so Olga could take care of little Eva. An old manager I worked for in Vermont has graciously offered to let me stay with his family if I go back which is a really big deal. I just hate to be away for that long. Meanwhile in the background we are trying to rush to become residents of Arizona so we can get insurance out here and have the surgery done without having to cross the country. We have our licenses and will have our truck registered here next week. I got online yesterday and applied for health insurance in Arizona. Residency is always the biggest thing to try and prove. Between getting the licenses and registration as well as registering to vote we are hoping we are good to go. Until this is settled we will be staying close to home here in Congrress and the Escapees North Ranch. We have survived our first 100 degree days with no problem so I think we are in a good place

As things progress I’ll post about the latest
Thanks to those of you who asked.