The Good The Bad And The Ugly

I can’t believe it’s been five months since I last posted. So much has come to pass. When I last posted we were living in Congress AZ at North Ranch. We have since moved to nearby Westpark which is in Wickenburg AZ. Mainly because they have 50 amp electric, a pool, gym, billiards room etc etc. The reason we have not been mobile the last months are twofold. After receiving a prescription from my doctor here my stomach issues have very nearly disappeared. I thought this would free us to travel again. Then my Father ended up in the hospital. He has since been there again and did a stint in a rehab place doing PT and OT. I have been going back and forth between Tucson and Wickenburg every 10 days or so on average to spend a few days there. It’s a 300 mile round trip so it’s been kind of tiring. Meanwhile Olga has developed an issue as well. Her joints started aching and she began to walk like an old woman. For a while it got so bad that I joked that my 87 year old father could kick her ass in a foot race. At my insistence they finally gave here shots of steroid and anti-inflammatory drugs. She is walking much better now but the issue remains. She has undergone enough blood tests to diagnose the rarest illness in the world but as we sit here today we still don’t know what the issue is. She has an appointment with a blood specialist tomorrow and we are hoping that we will finally get an answer.

So that is a very very condensed update. Honestly, I have been just too tired to post very much. I do have some things to post about RVing that some of you may enjoy reading. I plan a review of GPS systems we have used. SPOILER ALERT! They all suck in their own way.

I’m going to get back to this whenever I can. For those of you still around…Boy, you must really be lazy about cleaning up your bookmarks.


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