Quartzsite Sunset

Mountain Panorama From Blythe SoCal

Colorado River From Ehrenberg AZ

Confederate Gun Placements On Seminary Ridge

In Gettysburgh PA

View From Atop Little Roundtop 

Gettysburgh PA

Ten Foot Tall Guitars At The Gibson Guitar Factory 

In Memphis TN

Barn In Georgia Vermont

One Of Many Cool Rock Formations On Mount Lemmon

In Tucson

A Mount Lemmon Vista

On The Road Again

Another Day Ends In The Desert Never Get Tired Of This

Sand Hill Cranes At Cibola National Wildlife Refuge

Ducks, Coots and Geese At Cibola NWR

View From Our Campsite At Cibola NWR

Cibola Sunset

Canadian Geese In Flight

Trail Inside The Refuge

Guest House In The Desert

London Bridge In Lake Havasu

Original Old Timey Lights On London Bridge

Joshua Trees At Joshua Tree

Boulders Springing Up From The Desert

Cholla (Pronounced Choy-ya) Catcus


Cholla Spikes Hurt More Pulling Them Out Than When They Go In…Ouch!

Boulder Farm At Joshua Tree

The Real Reason Beyonce Dropped Out Of Coachella

Watson Lake In Prescott AZ

“The Granite Dells” In Prescott

More Of The Dells

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