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Occasionially we use services while on the road. As we use these services we will give a quick review here and let you know where we were so you can use them if you ever need to and are in the area


Assurance Chiropractic – Cottonwood Arizona – We both needed to have some stuff put back in to line while staying locally.  We found this office very nearby to the Forest Service land we were camping on.  It is a walk in clinic. It was not crowded and we got in very quickly.  The receptionist was very pleasant and the doctor was friendly and efficient. We were very happy with our visit and walked out of there very happy campers

Dr Michael Cole – Quartzsite AZ

We stopped in at Quartzsite Chiropractic to see Dr Michael Cole. Olga was having a problem with her neck and me with my lower back. You should know up front that like many things in Quartzsite this is a cash only business. The office isn’t much to look at but then neither was the office of our old doc back in Vermont so we kind of felt at home.  Much to our surprise and happiness he is just a no nonsense kind of guy who gives you the whole works when you go there. Anybody who has ever been to a chiropractor before can tell you that their modus operandi is to crack one tiny thing and then tell you to come back four times a week for the rest of your life. Not so here. He took both Olga and I in the room at the same time and adjusted us one after another. He did a great job because it has had a lasting benefit for both of us.  AND he has a sense of humor which I always appreciate 🙂  Too many grumpy people out there and it’s a pleasure to run into somebody who actually knows how to laugh.   The first time you go it is $59 for your visit. Any time you go after that it is only $35 which is a pretty good deal nowadays.  We would highly recommend Dr Cole if you are in Quartzsite.  He only does Thursdays and Fridays there and also has an office in Phoenix where he spends the rest of his time.

RV Repairs:

Allens Mobile RV Service – While in Cottonwood we were lucky enough to have our water pump crap out just after the warranty ran out.  Within a couple of hours we received a knock on the door from Allen Croshaw who runs a mobile RV service called oddly enough Allen’s Mobile RV Service.  He is RVIA certified.  He ordered us a new pump and installed it a couple of days later.  It would have been faster but this was the day before Thanksgiving.  He charged us what I believe was a fair price and we were happy with his work.  If you are in the area and need some work I would recommend him.  Here is his info: 928-848-1635 and email is


Sunshine RV – Lake Havasu

If any of our worldwide audience has read our Havasu Blues post you will  know that we had some very unfortunate luck with our leveling system. The system controller crapped out (just outside the warranty date of course) and we had to replace it to the tune of about a grand. Not good.  We took it down to  Sunshine RV there in Lake Havasu.  We waited an hour or so outside under their canopy where there is a table and some chairs. We used their Wifi and did some surfing. They came out and told us that our controller needed to be replaced and how much it would cost. Gulp. But there was nothing to do but give the OK and bite the bullet. They did not have the part on hand so I had them next day air the part rather than give the shipping option to the factory who would have used Pony Express or camel and have it arrive sometime in  August. The factory of course will NEVER admit that their components are anything other than bullet proof.  Of course.  So we were stuck a couple of more days at the State Park nearby. The part arrived the next afternoon and we set up an appointment the following day. While hooking  up to go there I damaged the battery compartment door. I felt the whole thing just wasn’t costing us enough already so I should probably break something else.  When we got there I requested that they look at the door as well.

In the final analysis they did a good job of fixing everything even with the added task of fixing the door.  They were all nice folks.  As we sat at the table outside everybody eventually came out to say hey and give Eva some pets.  We were happy with the service and would strongly recommend them if you are in the area and in need of some rv fixin’

They are at 2995 Maricopa Ave  928-855-6648

And no we don’t get a dime for any of our shout-outs. I don’t even write them until after we are long gone.



LP Gas:

John Graves Propane – Cottonwood AZ –  Went to John Graves Propane while in Cottonwood area and the very nice folks there took care of me quickly and at a very reasonable price.  I even got some free popcorn from the popcorn machine they have on site. Sweet!

Vets: Westwood Animal Hospital – Staunton VA

For the full story on this awsome Animal Hospital see our blog post.

Restaurants: Silly Al’s Pizza – Quartzsite AZ

We generally don’t eat out very much so we can save money and also because we are rarely as happy with restaurant fare as we are with a good home cooked meal. We were in the mood for pizza while in Quartzsite and decided to visit  Silly Al’s. We had heard good things about it but being one time residents of New York we know what we want when it comes to pizza. We can count on one hand the decent pizza’s we have had since leaving NY 30 plus years ago. Then we got to Silly Al’s. The pizza here is as close as we have come to real NY style pizza. We were astounded at how good it was. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but seems much bigger on the inside.  It’s part restaurant part bar. Two or three TV’s hang on the wall showing sports and a nice big bar. It felt very much like home to us.  Super comfortable with a friendly staff.  We will absolutely be coming back here in the future.


Smart and Final

Strange name but a great place to shop

This place is most likely known to most people in the west but for travelers who are not from out here this place is a really nice find. In some ways it’s like a shrunken down Costco. The prices are excellent and the variety is amazing.  As anyone who has ever been to Costco can attest you can’t go there without spending a hundred dollars. We left Smart and Final having spent around a hundred dollars and we couldn’t believe how much food we walked out with. In Vermont this would get you around two bags of groceries. They also have one of the largest selections of dry goods like beans, sesame sticks etc that come in those vertical storage chutes, that I’ve ever seen. A very good selection of vegetables at crazy low prices. We got a package of six heads of romaine for $2. We will definitely be visiting these stores whenever we are in an area that has them. I would highly recommend you check them out. The ones we used were in Blythe CA and La Quinta CA

 Mortimer Family Farms

We were on our way to Prescott to have some repairs and we spotted this place in Dewey-Humboldt.  It reminded us of a place we used to go in Vermont when we lived there so we decided to pop in and see what they had. We were happy to see that it was just like our place in VT only with even more stuff. They have a bakery on site from which we had the best peach turnovers ever and a lemon bar. They had freezers with some of the best looking grass fed beef I’d ever seen. They make sandwiches and tons of home made jams, jellies, sauces and syrups. There are even places outside for the kids to play and they also have hay rides although we didn’t see them while we were there. If you are ever in the area stop and check them out. You won’t be disappointed

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