Cleeve to Admont 2021 Route Map

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Cleeve To Admont 2021 Challenge

In aid of P3 Charity


Registered charity No. 703163

Tim and Christoph at Christoph's bar in Admont
Tim with Christoph

The Cleeve To Admont 2021 Challenge is the second fundraising challenge for Gone Walkabout and primarily for its founder Tim Hills. Tim was challenged by his good friend Christoph Herrak to walk to his house. It just happens to be over 1,000 miles away in Austria.

Tim will mostly be walking (apart from the ferry crossing) there carrying everything he needs to wild camp and keep you all updated along the way. There might be a few surprises along the way!

100% of the money donated will be donated to P3 Charity.

The route is subject to change due to COVID, restrictions that may be in place.

Our Supporters

Anonymous User

Dion Hunt

£10.00 25th October 2021

I hope you have something to record all the tunes you're bound to be inspired to hum/sing along your journey. Awesome Mahi (work) Ehoe… Read more

I hope you have something to record all the tunes you're bound to be inspired to hum/sing along your journey. Awesome Mahi (work) Ehoe (mate). Kia Kaha (Be Strong)!

Anonymous User

Chloe Smith

£20.00 23rd October 2021

Go Timmy! You’ve done an amazing thing mate

Anonymous User

Nicola Kirkman

£30.00 22nd October 2021

More to come!

Anonymous User

Jen Pausch

£10.00 10th October 2021
Anonymous User

William Cutbush

£15.00 10th October 2021

Jack Gurney's Picture Challenge

My good friend Jack has created this challenge and promised to donate an amount that he has chosen for each picture that I manage to take on his list. Do you want to join in the challenge? Sign up below!

Picture or video of...


Date and Place of Pic


Drinking a beer from a stein £1.00
Drinking a large glass of wine £1.00
With a horse £1.00
With a chicken £1.00
With a cow £1.00
With a dog £1.00
Up a tree £1.00
A full moon £1.00
A pink car £1.00
With a busker £1.00
A sunrise £1.00 Les Harcholins - 24th September 2021 Sunrise
Lederhosen £1.00
A sunset £1.00 Boissy-Le-Repos, Champagne-Ardenne - 11th September 2021 Boissy-Le-Repos, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Smoking a cigar £1.00
A tandem bicycle £1.00
A clown £1.00
Eating a giant bratwurst (10inch min) £1.00
Eating a pizza £1.00
A trig point £1.00 Temple of Donon - 26th September 2021 Trig Point - Temple of Donon
On a swing £1.00
Sat on someone's shoulders £3.00
A band on stage £1.00
Next to a statue £1.00
On a tractor £1.00
A castle £1.00 Guildford Castle - 5th September 2021 Guildford Castle
A damn good fellow! £1.00 Meadow Farm Campsite - 31st Aug 2021 Tim Hills with Adam Goodfellow
With somebody's musical instrument £2.00
Riding a skateboard £2.00
In a lake £2.00
In a museum £2.00
On a Ferris wheel £2.00
Wearing somebody else's hat £2.00
With a group of at least 6 people £3.00
With a group of at least 10 people £4.00
Riding a horse £3.00
On a boat £4.00
With Christoph in Admont £20.00
Total £74.00

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By filling out this form you agree to donate the amount given at the end of the challenge. The total will be added up and you will receive an email with the amount you are required to donate. If Tim fails to reach Admont, the total will be required for donation for the pictures taken up until that point. This is done in good faith, there won't be any bailiffs knocking at your door if you don't donate.