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Day Sixty-Four - Tim Goes Up The Malverns

Today's walk took me to Hollybush, Worcestershire and on to the Malverns. A very long walk up and down the hills. After completing the peaks of the Malverns I descend down into Great Malvern and walk the side of the Malverns back to Hollybush. A fantastic walk with spectacular views!

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Day One - Harcombe Walkabout

First day of the Walk 1,000 Miles 2021 Challenge.

Day Two - Cleeve Hill Climb

Today's walk is from the centre of Bishops Cleeve to the top of Cleeve Hill.

Day Three - Tim and Jack Get Lost, Twice

Today's walk is from the centre of Cheltenham up to the top of Leckhampton Hill. Tim and Jack get lost in a nature reserve!

Day Four - Gotherington Loop

Today's walk is from Bishops Cleeve to Gotherington then a loop around the villages of Woolston, Oxenton, Teddington, Alstone, Dixton and back to Bishops Cleeve via Gotherington.

Day Five - Tim And Chloe Find Something Odd In The Woods

Today's walk is from Winchcombe over Belas Knapp and Cleeve Common down into Cheltenham Racecource and finish in Pittville Park. We ride on two swings. What do we find in the woods?

Day Six - Tim Gets Muddy And Looks At Trains

Today's walk is from Bishops Cleeve to Fiddington, through Stoke Orchard to Brockhampton and back into Bishops Cleeve. There is a lot of mud walking in today's episode and Tim gets upclose and personal with a train and a deer.

Day Seven - Tim Sees A Barn Owl

Today's walk is from Woodmancote, Cheltenham up and around Nottingham Hill and back down again. A barn owl and some more mud in today's episode.

Day Eight - Tim And Joe Find A Treehouse

Today's walk is from Withington through Withington Woods. We walk a big loop which includes Chedworth Roman Villa and Yanworth.

Day Nine - Tim Goes Up A Hill

Today's walk is from Dowdswell Reservoir on a massive loop around the villages of Whittington, Andoversford, Kilkenny and Foxcote.

Day Ten - Tim Talks To A Man

Today's walk is from the Lower Lode Inn near Tewkesbury. Walked along the river into Tewkesbury, saw the Abbey and walked in a massive loop around. Managed to end walking through a farm and all it's buildings. And, of course, I found a swing, two swings.

Day Eleven - Tim Gets Blown Away

A very windy walk from Stanway to Stanton on to Buckland and back through the Stanway Estate. Saw lots of deer and was attacked by a friendly dog.

Day Twelve - Tim and Chloe Find A Skeleton

Today Chloe and I walked a loop from Guiting Power through Kineton and Temple Guiting, back through Guiting Woods. We walked today in all types of weather including sideways rain, artic winds and hailstones. We had a little bit of sunshine too ????.

Day Thirteen - Tristan Faces His Biggest Fear

Today's walk is with my good friend Tristan Moss and we walk from Bourton-On-The-Water going through Lower Slaughter, Upper Slaughter and Naunton to return back to Bourton. Tristan faces his biggest fear...

Day Fourteen - Tim Walks In A Field

Today's walk is from Bishops Cleeve through Southam, down to Prestbury around Cheltenham Racecource and finish back in Cleeve. A quick 7 mile walk.

Day Fifteen - Tim Breaks The Camera

Today's walk is from Chedworth. The longest walk so far totalling 14 miles going through Hampnett, Northleach, Coln St. Dennis and Fossbridge. Apologies for the sound, the mic stopped working for a lot of the video, but there's music instead for you!

Day Sixteen - Stroud Marathon Part 1

Today's walk with Adam Goodfellow is from Winstone Woods in Gloucestershire. We walk through some fantastic scenery going down and up the Slad Valley. We even find a magical fairy garden.

Day Seventeen - Stroud Marathon Part 2

Today's walk with Adam Goodfellow is from Stroud in Gloucestershire and is the second part of our Stroud Marathon walk. This return journey takes us to Bulls Cross, Sheepscombe, Whiteway and back to Winstone Wood. Some truly amazing woodland walking.

Day Eighteen - Jack Wants To Drink Beer

Today's walk is from Windrush walking through Little Barrington, Great Barrington, Sherborne and through the Sherborne estate, which is gorgeous. Does Jack get his beer? Watch to find out!

Day Nineteen - Tim Goes Under A Road

Today's walk is from Cowley Wood to Elkstone, Colesbourne, Upper Coberley back down to finish at the Green Dragon Inn.

Day Twenty - Tim Goes Over A Road

Today's walk took me from Rendcomb, near Cirencester, through Calmesden, Baunton and North Cerney, ending back at Rendcomb.

Day Twenty-One - A Quick Walk

Today's walk was a quick 4 mile loop from Winchcombe Cemetery out along the river Isbourne and back into Winchcombe centre to finish back where I started.

Day Twenty-Two - Tim's Longest Walk So Far

Today was my longest walk so far - 16 miles!! I walked from Upton St. Leonards, which is near Gloucester. Up Cooper's Hill, down to Great Whitcombe by the reservoirs. Into Whitcombe Park up a very steep climb then down the Cotswold Way, back up an even steeper side of Cooper's Hill. Across to Painswick Beacon, one of the best views I've ever seen 360-degree views!

Day Twenty-Three - Tim Changes Route A Lot

Definitely a tester of a day today, having to change my route several times due to flooding, closed roads and footpaths. However, I did meet a really nice farmer and the sun was shining so it wasn't all bad. Started off in Coombe Hill nature reserve and took in the villages of Norton, Priors Norton, Staverton and Barrow.

Day Twenty-Four - Tim Goes Around A Hill

Today's walk took me from Ashton-Under-Hill up to Bredon Hill, with some spectacular views on the way and at the top. On my way down I walked through Kemerton, Overbury, Conderton and Grafton before making my way back.

Day Twenty-Five - Tim Goes Through An Estate

Today's walk took me from Beckford, Worcestershire on a lovely walk around Dumbleton and back through Alderton, Little and Great Washbourne. A really nice sunshiny day.

Day Twenty-Six - Jack Eats Some Fruit

Today's walk with Jack took us to the little village of Sapperton, Gloucestershire. A fairly hilly route around the surrounding villages of Duntisbourne Abbots, Edgeworth and Daneway.

Day Twenty-Seven - Tim Goes To A Village

Today's walk started off at Dover's Hill, Gloucestershire. Walked down to Mickleton, Gloucestershire's northernmost village. On to Hidcote Boyce then into Chipping Campden and the climb back up to Dover's Hill.

Day Twenty-Eight - Tim Goes Up And Down A Hill

Today's walk was from the village of Gretton in Gloucestershire. Up a very long hill, down into Far Stanley and back to Gretton.

Day Twenty-Nine - Tim Goes Under The Motorway

Today's walk took me from Twyning, near Tewkesbury, through Upton-upon-Severn in Worcestershire, down to Tewkesbury and back up to Twyning.

Day Thirty - Tim Goes To A Park

Today's walk was a local one and through Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. I visited most of the main parks and green spaces in the town centre and beyond. There's a bit of everything in this walk.

Day Thirty-One - Tim & Ian Walk Around A Lake

Today's walk took me to the Forest Of Dean with Ian Stone. What a beautiful day and lovely to get some proper sunshine! Walked from New Fancy Point in a big loop to finish up by Mallard's Pike, a really nice setting and lake.

Day Thirty-Two - Coming Soon

Day Thirty-Three - Tim Sees A Lot Of Deer

Today's walk started off in Woodmancote near Cirencester. Walking through Moor Wood farm. Went through Park Corner to get onto Park Corner Ride in Cirencester Park and to the centre of the Ten Rings. I walked out of Cirencester Park by Ivy Lodge and the polo ground to Daglingworth. Back to Woodmancote at the end where I encountered a herd of about 20 deer. Amazing way to end the day.

Day Thirty-Four - Tim Sees A Church

Today's walk was from Great Comberton in Worcestershire. Walking around one side on Bredon Hill, down into Bredon's Norton. Back up to the top of Bredon Hill and down into Elmley Castle. Back to Great Comberton to finish.

Day Thirty-Five - Tim Wears A Jumper

Today's walk was from Greet near Winchcombe and did a loop around Hailes Abbey. Just a quick 6 mile walk today. It was absolutely freezing first thing this morning, considering I had been wearing shorts all week, I had to put a jumper and coat on for the first part of the walk.

Day Thirty-Six - Tim Gets A Smile

Today's walk started at the Ashleworth Ham Bird Sanctuary. An eventful walk going through Ashleworth, Foscombe Estate to Tirley where I helped a farmer with an escaped sheep. Down to The Haw along the River Severn and back to the bird sanctuary where a big smiley face in the sky finished the walk off nicely.

Day Thirty-Seven - Coming Soon

Day Thirty-Eight - Tim Gets Snowed On

Today's walk was certainly challenging. The weather was extremely changeable and I experienced snow, hail, cold winds, grey clouds, sunshine and warmth. I started off in Sevenhampton, Gloucestershire and made my way through Brockhampton, Charlton Abbots and Hawling, before getting into the lovely little village of Salperton. From there I walked through Hampen, Shipton Oliffe and Syreford from which I went back to Sevenhampton.

Day Thirty-Nine - Tim Goes Up The Hill Of Doom

Today's walk started at Broadway Tower in Worcestershire. The coldest start to a walk yet, really biting cold wind. Had to put on gloves - that was a first for this challenge! I walked down to Broadway and across to Aston Somerville after passing through the largest static caravan park I've seen in Childswickham. Looped back around through Murcot and the other side of Childswickham into Broadway high street. Finishing off back up the "Hill of Doom" to Broadway Tower.

Day Forty - Tim Sees Some Punk Sheep

Today's walk started in Hazelton, Gloucestershire, from there I walked to Salperton Park, Notgrove, Cold Aston, Turkdean, Compton Abdale and back to Hazelton. Three 14 mile days in a row, my feet really knew about it today! Onwards we roll.

Day Forty-One - Tim Looks At Doors

Today's walk was very eventful, not only did I find a triple whammy door fitting on a church I also rescued an ickle rabbit with the help of a local. A very wet and rainy day started off in Stow-On-The-Wold in Gloucestershire. Walked through Maugersbury to Upper and Lower Oddington, over to Bledington down the Oxfordshire Way to Icomb, where I found the rabbit at the church. Found a willing local to take the rabbit to the nearest vets. Back through Maugersbury to Stow.

Day Forty-Two - Coming Soon

Day Forty-Three - Coming Soon

Day Forty-Four - Tim Walks By A Canal

Today's walk took me to the city of Gloucester and to the canals and historic docks. A fairly short 8 miles today, had to cut the walk short due to my foot. Will see how it is tomorrow and see if I'm going to rest it or not. Luckily it was a very flat walk so not much stress put on it. Still, at least the snow had cleared ????

Day Forty-Five - Tim's Birthday

No video for today. Walked from Bishop's Cleeve to Cheltenham and around the town, visiting the newly opened public houses.

Day Forty-Six to Fifty-Three

Due to my foot, I was unable to walk for an entire week. It was so frustrating but had to be done.

Day Fifty-Four - Tim Gets Back Out Walking

Today's walk actually happened!! I still did a shorter walk, but it was so good to be outside and getting some miles done. Again, my foot still isn't 100% and will see how it reacts to the longer distance, but a couple of hours have passed and it still feels pretty good. See if I can do a decent walk tomorrow.

Day Fifty-Five - Tim Gets Startled By A Stag

Today's walk was from Wickhamford in Worcestershire. Went through Badsey and near Bretforton. The highlight of the day was a young stag jumping out of the bushes in front of me. My foot seemed to hold up ok and got better towards the end of the walk, so hopefully that's it for the foot saga for now.

Day Fifty-Six - No Walk

Travel to Wales.

Day Fifty-Seven - Tim Becomes A Proclaimer

Today's walk was from Betws Bledrws, Ceredigion, Wales. A fantastic day with bright blue skies and amazing views. I've officially become a "Proclaimer" having passed the 500 miles walked!

Day Fifty-Eight - Tim Goes Down A Steep Hill

Today's walk took me to Abermeurig from Betws Bledrws, Ceredigion. Another lovely day, unlike today's weather, across the rolling hills and valley's with a particularly steep climb down and back up again at the halfway point.

Day Fifty-Nine - Tim Visits A Magical Garden

Today's walk took me to Lampeter, Ceredigion in Wales.

Day Sixty - No Walk

Rest day.

Day Sixty-One - Tim Climbs A Mountain

Today's walk took me to the middle of nowhere in Wales near the little village of Ffair Rhos, Ceredigion. Beautiful scenery and climbed the highest point in the area, a mountain called Llan Ddu Fawr. I even found a Bothy.

Day Sixty-Two - No Walk

Travel from Wales.

Day Sixty-Three - Tim Goes For A Quick Walk

Today's walk took me from Winchcombe on a little loop, ending up at Sudeley Castle.

Day Sixty-Four - Tim Goes Up The Malverns

Today's walk took me to Hollybush, Worcestershire and on to the Malverns. A very long walk up and down the hills. After completing the peaks of the Malverns I descend down into Great Malvern and walk the side of the Malverns back to Hollybush. A fantastic walk with spectacular views!

Day Sixty-Five - No Walk

Bank holiday pub fun with friends.

Day Sixty-Six - Tim Looks At Things

Today's walk started in Tredington, Gloucestershire. Bit of a mixed bag weather wise, mostly sunny with a load of wind, bits of rain with the occasional hail. Walked through Coombe Hill to Apperley, onto Deerhurst. Next to Tewkesbury Park, where there is a hotel and golf course, before making my way back to the start.

Day Sixty-Seven - No Walk

I had my first COVID jab the day before (then did a massive walk) which knocked me out for today.

Day Sixty-Eight - Tim Goes Forth

Today's walk took me to the little village of Forthampton, Gloucestershire. A nice big loop taking in Bushley and Longdon in the process. Quite a few interesting encounters with livestock in this one!

Day Sixty-Nine - Tim Goes Raving

Today's walk started in the little village of Castlemorton in Worcestershire, walking through Drugger's End, to Castlemorton Common. From there down through Coomber Green Common, Hollyend Common before getting to Birtsmorton Park. Inside Birtsmorton Park is Birtsmorton Court, a fantastic old stately building that is also a wedding venue with a church next door. A lovely walk on a nice sunny afternoon.

Day Seventy - Tim Makes It Up As He Goes

Today's walk was all about rain avoidance and I managed to get a quick 5 mile walk around Bishop's Cleeve up Bushcombe Lane and around just after 7.30pm. It didn't rain until I was about half a mile from home and managed to shelter in a bus stop whilst the heavens opened.

Day Seventy-One - Tim Gets Swarmed By Bees

Today's walk started off with a swarm of bees in Blockley. I've never seen one before, a very interesting spectacle. This is a lovely walk taking in the villages of Broad Campden, Paxford and Aston Magna before getting into Moreton-in-Marsh and returning back to Blockley.

Day Seventy-Two - Tim Finds A Pot Of Gold

Today's walk started in the little village of Pool Hill near Newent, Gloucestershire. A very pretty walk, around Ketford, Ryton, Redmarley and Durbridge Mill. Most of the walk was dry, apart from the huge downpour about an hour before the end of the walk. Just happened to be passing Durbridge Mill at the time and there was a handy shelter to take refuge in. Saw two spectacular rainbows and some other fantastic scenery.

Day Seventy-Three - Tim Looks For Adders

Today's walk was from Ablington, near Bibury, Cirencester. Started off as a really nice afternoon walking through Barnsley Park, Barnsley (a village in Gloucestershire) and onto Ampney Crucis. As I was walking back on the other side of Barnsley Park, it started to rain relentlessly. I had a very soggy last few miles but didn't dampen the spirits.

Day Seventy-Four - Tim Goes In A Wood

Today's walk took me to the Herefordshire town of Ledbury, near the Malverns. Nice to have a walk without any precipitation! Before heading back into Ledbury, a very pleasant walk through Frith Wood to Wellington Heath, Coddington and Colwall.

Day Seventy-Five - Tim And Adam Go To The Pub

Today's walk started in the little village of Pool Hill near Newent, Gloucestershire. A very pretty walk, around Ketford, Ryton, Redmarley and Durbridge Mill. Most of the walk was dry, apart from the huge downpour about an hour before the end of the walk. Just happened to be passing Durbridge Mill at the time and there was a handy shelter to take refuge in. Saw two spectacular rainbows and some other fantastic scenery.

Day Seventy-Six - No Video

Today's walk was intended to be something different, but I had an emergency to deal with. I did walk for 9 miles but recorded no video.

Day Seventy-Seven - Rest Day

Day Seventy-Eight - Tim Goes To A City

Today's walk was a very surprising walk through Bristol. Some amazing hidden spots and parks with some spectacular views of Bristol. Check it out.

Day Seventy-Nine - Tim Walks On Something Odd

Today's walk took me from Bishop's Cleeve, up to Walton Cardiff near Tewkesbury after going through Fiddington. I looped back around through Oxenton and Gotherington.

Day Eighty - Tim Gets Pushed To The Limit

Today's walk took me to the May Hill village then a very steep walk up May Hill. A very wet walk where the state of the footpaths made it very difficult to carry on.

Day Eighty-One - Tim Races The Rain

Today's walk took me to the little village of Long Marston in Warwickshire. Having waited in my car for over half an hour for the rain to stop, I finally got going. But, it was a race against the rain, the thunder wasn't far behind me the whole way.

Day Eighty-Two - Tim Gets Blown Away

Today's walk was in the lovely Oxfordshire town of Burford. Started off as a very windy day turning into a very drizzly wet day. I walked through Fulbrook, Widford, Swinbrook and Asthall.

Day Eighty-Three - Tim Cuts It Short

Today's walk took me to the little village of Snowshill in Gloucestershire. I was planning to walk about 11 miles, but the weather turned and forced me to cut my walk short. I did get to walk through Snowshill and the grounds of the National Trust property Snowshill Manor. Following that, I walked through Broadway Wood before returning back to Snowshill.

Day Eighty-Four - Tim Slides Around The Mud

Today's walk was in the village of Prestbury, Cheltenham. Through the village and up Prestbury Hill and back down again.

Day Eighty-Five & Eighty-Six- No Walks

Rest days. The weather was atrocious and not worth going out in.

Day Eighty-Seven - Tim Goes To A Castle

Today's walk took me back to the Malverns and starting off in Hollybush, Herefordshire. A different route today taking the path into Eastnor Park and by the Eastnor Obelisk. After that I walked down into the village of Eastnor which has a fantastic church and also Eastnor Castle, which unfortunately was closed.

Day Eighty-Eight - Tim Survives The Lakes

Today's walk took me to the Cotswold Water Park near Cirencester. Starting off in the main car park, walking down the canal and beside the lakes to Cerney Wick. From there down to Ashton Keynes having a very challenging time getting down the footpaths, which themselves had turned into lakes! From Ashton Keynes, I went to South Cerney and from there back to the car. A very interesting walk.

Day Eighty-Nine - Tim Watches Some Surfers

Today's walk took me to the beautiful village of Frampton-On-Severn. A stunning walk around a little part of Gloucestershire that fits nicely into a big bend in the River Severn. A must see.

Day Ninety - Tim Goes To An Abbey

Today's walk took me from Evesham to the surrounding villages of Offenham, Bretforton and Badsey, before returning to Evesham and having a look around the fantastic Abbey there.

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